Africa House, Gallatin Tennessee, USA: In 2010, Dr. Chihombori purchased a former slave plantation located in the rolling hills of Tennessee overlooking the Cumberland River. The original owner, a slaveholder whose family later supported the Confederacy during the Civil War, built the plantation in 1799. The property previously known as Chapman Plantation was renamed “Africa House” by Dr. Chihombori. At the Africa House, Dr. Chihombori has had the privilege of hosting dignitaries and businessmen from around the globe and engaged them in discussions on pivotal issues affecting the African continent and ways to enhance its development. In its August 2013 issue, Essence magazine noted the transformation, “From slave plantation to Africa House” as one of the top 10 things people were talking about.

Durban Manor Hotel and Conference Center, Durban South Africa: Well before she began her venture with Africa House, Dr. Chihombori already had made history in 2003 with her purchase of the Durban Club Hotel in South Africa. The building, which is over a 100 years old, had been a “Gentleman’s Club,” and no women or people of color were allowed to be members. Membership was only open to white males, and the building is said to have been the site of the decision-making process that created and supported apartheid.

When Dr. Chihombori bought the facility, she erased that legacy of racial and gender discrimination. She changed the club’s name to Durban Manor Hotel and Conference Center thereby changing the majestic property of a bygone era from an “Apartheid heaven” to “The people’s home away from home.”

Upon graduating from Medical School in 1986, Dr. Chihombori did her residency in General Surgery at State University of New York in Brooklyn, NY, USA, and another residency in Family Medicine at Meharry Medical College in Nashville, Tennessee, USA. She is a member of the American Medical Association, American Academy of Family Physicians and Tennessee Academy of Family Physicians.

Dr. Chihombori is founder and CEO of Bell Family Medical Centers located in Murfreesboro, Smyrna, and Antioch, Tennessee. She also founded the Middle Tennessee Medical Associates, another medical facility, in LaVergne, Tennessee. Dr. Chihombori has been practicing medicine in Tennessee since completing her residency in 1992.