Bad Drugs for Africa: In 2013 and 2012 respectively, in an effort to address the issue of “Bad Drugs for Africa,” Dr. Chihombori and the AU-ADHI team visited pharmaceutical manufacturing plants in Bangladesh and China. The objective was to identify credible manufacturing plants for Africa.

Invitations by African Heads of State: Dr. Chihombori and her team of healthcare specialists have been invited by several African Heads of States to visit their countries to assess their national healthcare needs and introduce ways to improve the healthcare delivery systems.

Africana Women Working Group at the UN: On February 28, 2013, Dr. Chihombori spoke on “Violence against Women and Children” at the Pre CSW57 Forum held in New York at the Permanent Mission of Nigeria to the United States.

United Nations: In 2011, Dr. Chihombori spoke on “The Role of the Diaspora in the Development of Africa” at the United Nations in New York, New York, USA.

Dr. Chihombori is International Chair for the African Union Diaspora Africa Forum (AU-DAF). AU-DAF, an organization based in Accra, Ghana, is the first African Union-approved Diaspora organization. Dr. Chihombori is tasked with the responsibility of galvanizing the African Diaspora and friends of Africa to participate in the development of Africa with an emphasis on Healthcare, Education and Private Sector Development.

Dr. Chihombori was a delegate at the First African Head of State Conference on Diaspora issues held in Johannesburg, South Africa, in 2011 as well as at the follow up First Global Diaspora Forum in Pretoria in 2012. She also presented a paper on the status of healthcare in Africa and the role of the Diaspora at the 6th African Ministers of Health Conference in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, in 2013.